A Gardener’s Approach to Growth and Nurturance

An amalgamation of the 5 major pedagogical approaches makes the curriculum at TSRA wholesome and self evolving.

The pedagogy at TSRA is Constructivist, Collaborative, Integrative, Reflective and Inquiry-Based. A robust combination of the above approaches is what propels and makes learning at TSRA exceptional.

The comprehensive learning at TSRA encompasses –

  • Learning to learn –  Capitalising on the varied learning styles of a learner and promotes individuality in a child.
  • Learning to do – Enabling the learner to use the knowledge and skill in a variety of situations and challenges.
  • Learning to live together – Focusing on building an understanding of other people and an appreciation of interdependence.
  • Learning to be –  Developing self-worth and promoting agency in a learner by meeting their safety, psychological and developmental needs.
  • Learning to be better citizens – Imbibing a sense of community and development of character.
We are inviting admission applications for 2023-24.
We are inviting admission applications for 2022-23.
Emeritus Education

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