Shri Differentiators
Shri Differentiators

Shri Differentiators

The Merak Programme
Merak, a Turkish word, means Wonder. The programme supports students’ agency as they choose areas of their interest and engage in learning beyond their curricular subjects. It is designed to foster an environment of collaboration among students from different age groups and bring to the forefront the talents from within.
Student Advisory Programme
The junior student advisory programme shall focus on competencies listed in the CASEL model of social-emotional learning. At TSRA we believe that children with strong social-emotional skills are better equipped to manage daily challenges, build positive relationships, and make well-informed decisions pertaining to career and life choices.
Service-Learning Program
TSRA aims to develop empathy and responsibility in students by giving them opportunities to work on collaborative projects aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The “Service-Learning Programme” will enable students develop a sense of ownership, be more conscientious individuals by purposefully reflecting on their experiences and actions.
Geo-Inquiry Project
The Geo-Inquiry project aims to encapsulate the National Geographic Learning Framework into action. It aims at development of critical thinking skills in students who will in turn be equipped to take action at local, regional, and global levels.
Learning Street
Learning Street a uniquely designed learning model to engage students, educators and parents in meaningful learning experiences and reflection. The learning engagements planned would lead to an in-depth understanding of plethora of topics both academic and contemporary.
Design and technological innovation stems from early engagement in hands- on experiences. TSRA aims at students being able to be independent thinkers, embracing problem solving and creating prototypes. A variety of activities and projects embedded with design thinking methodologies are developed to nurture free minds that think and create.
The Inner Dimension Programme

This is a comprehensive programme designed to cater to the food, nutrition, physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health aspects of a student. A well-balanced menu designed by the school’s nutritionist vouches for its delectable assortment, taste and nutritional value. At TSRA we strongly believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. 

From creating awareness to making healthy habits and fitness a way of life, the programme will work in educating all stakeholders working with the child through an array of activities and celebrations.
We are inviting admission applications for 2024-25.
We are inviting admission applications for 2022-23.
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