“The real magic wand is the child’s own mind.”
~ Jose Ortega y Gasset

Managing Directors and Founders
The Shri Ram Hyderabad Schools
The Shri Ram Academy Hyderabad

Ms. Aishwarya Kurra

Managing Director and Founder

The Shri Ram Academy Hyderabad

Ms. Sindhura Indukuri

Managing Director and Founder

Strongly believing in the innate potential that each child is innately blessed with, we partnered with Shri Educare in the year 2017 to bring Shri Legacy to Hyderabad. With the same passion and thought that the goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, and, Imbibe values as a way of life, we are now starting second school in Hyderabad, ‘The Shri Ram Academy (TSRA)’ offering leading international board curriculum. Through proximity to nature, a diverse student population, and environmentally sound practices, The Shri Ram Academy shall reinforce and renew its deep commitment to producing Conscious Creators, Innovators, Leaders and Thinkers, who conform not to preconceived ideologies, but to the ever-changing needs of a dynamic future. With the aim to make a difference in the growth path of the country, we want to bring in a ‘no-box theory’ where students’ learning is limitless, imitable and infinite in space and time of their choice.
Team The Shri Ram Academy Hyderabad

Dr. Jyothi Reddy Ghanta

Director of Education – The Shri Ram Hyderabad Schools

As Director Education, The Shri Ram Hyderabad schools, my goal is to ensure that Shriites are equipped with the best of skills and values to emerge as strong leaders who create and innovate. I envision building a school where students discover their innate talents, true potential and imbibe strong values.

I welcome and invite you to be partners in your child’s journey as we launch The Shri Ram Academy with an aim to provide superlative standards in imparting the international curriculum. Keeping in mind the growing need for competent international schools in the city and with immense faith in the Shri way of imparting education, a step in this direction is a conscious commitment to do what we do well and do it best.

TSRA, Hyderabad with its global approach will take forward the Shri philosophy and experiential pedagogy to carve a niche and emerge as one of the best international schools in Hyderabad.

Mr. Mohamed Rizwan

Head Of School

A post-graduate in Mathematics and an alumnus of The American College in Madurai, Mr Rizwan has vast experience in international and Indian curricula. He has served as a Mathematics teacher and an Administrator in well-reputed international schools for the past 22 years in India and abroad. In his previous assignment, he served as the whole school Vice-Principal of Indus International School (Hyderabad) for seven years, mentoring his team to implement IB PYP, IB MYP & IB DP efficiently. He is passionate about teaching Mathematics and has taught in various curricula, including IB DP, IGCSE, CBSE, ISC & ICSE.

“Excellence is what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”.

This quote, attributed to the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle, drives Mr Rizwan always to give his best, and he expects the same from his team and students. He firmly believes that education must aim to prepare students to become good human beings who do their best to make this world a better place for everyone to live. It is our responsibility to instil values and develop competencies in our children that will enable them not just to survive but thrive in the future, which will be Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous (VUCA).

Ms. Sunitha Gujjula

Head of Primary School

Greetings and a very warm welcome to The Shri Ram Academy, Hyderabad!

As the Head of Primary School at The Shri Ram Academy, I take immense pride in joining the Shri Family, which is highly acclaimed for its successful endeavours in Hyderabad.

The inception year is extremely close to my heart. The reason is that I have been a part of the core team, co-constructing the school’s philosophy, mission, vision, and core values. I believe that this envisioning, empowered by collaborating with the new team, will translate philosophy into practice. This new team, I strongly believe, will be a torchbearer for ‘The Shri Ram Legacy’ to soar to greater heights and spread to wider zeniths of success.

I believe that our robust educational programme modelled on the renowned ‘international curriculum board’ will create enriching learning experiences for all at The Shri Ram Academy. We at TSRA will ensure that the teaching and learning fraternity will undoubtedly discover their inert talents, be committed to intercultural understanding through global engagement, and be resilient and passionate about creating a difference in the world. Through this learning journey, I believe we will thrive as lifelong learners, foster intellect, inclusivity, character, and deliberately shared guardianship for the humanity and environment. I am sure the curriculum will instil a desire to inquire, create connections between theory and practice and promote individual agency.

In my opinion, parent partnership promotes a positive and rewarding experience during our pursuit of excellence. With the collaborative effort of all the stakeholders, I look forward to nurturing the students to become influencers and change-makers and promoting a delightful environment on the campus at all times.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” — Lao Tzu.

Best wishes to all the Shriites as we embark on this journey filled with miles of smiles…

Ms. Nadia Patel

Primary Years Programme Coordinator

Ms Nadia Patel is a PYP lover, Inquiry enthusiast, SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Ambassador, and technophile whilst advocating the play-way method in learning and teaching. She enjoys reading, sharing ideas, listening to podcasts, and collaborating with like-minded fellow educators.

Ms Nadia thrives on fabricating a learning ecosystem by providing a curriculum that brings international-mindedness to the school community.
As a learning leader, she enables learners and PYPers to collaborate and develop creative and critical thinking skills to become global citizens and work towards building a sustainable future.

Ms Nadia has completed her education at Pune University and has been actively delivering IB PYP since 2008. She has proudly been in the role of PYP Coordinator since 2016 at well-reputed International Schools.

She constantly encourages true inquiry to get learners to think more deeply about thinking itself. She is excited when real, meaningful inquiry is happening in school.
She enjoys teaching with, and learning from, others who share a vision of amplifying pedagogical practices.

We are inviting admission applications for 2024-25.
Emeritus Education

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